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Information: Foam Νο 400 is soft, dense and elastic. It is ideal for a sofa with an elastic feel and immersion. One of the most flexible foams of It is also ideal for sleeping since it embraces the body perfectly and has a very high resistance especially in large thickness over 12 cm.

Useful details before your order Foams are priced per cubic meter, which means that we necessarily need the LENGTH,the WIDTH and THICKNESS of the foam you want, in order to cut to these dimensions.

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Foam N400 S Soft is one of the most reliable and comfortable foams.

Foam N400 S Soft by Afrokoptiki has an elastic and playful feel. It is a foam ideal for sleeping and can be used as comfortable seat with great durability. From 12 cm and up (thickness), it becomes an excellent type of mattress, with great durability.

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