Matress 2 Seasons Memory Latex


The 2 seasons mattress is anatomical and orthopedic, because it adapts to the exact shape and posture of the body, offering the spine to rest in its natural position.

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Afrokoptiki 2 Seasons Memory Latex mattress maintains body temperature, ie it is cool in summer and warm in winter. This mattress improves circulation, relieves pain in the head, neck, back, waist and pelvis. Finally, it is suitable for people suffering from fatigue and myalgia.Each side of the 2 seasons has a different hug, feel, temperature and support. One side consists of 5 cm memory foam (winter) and the other side of natural latex 4 cm (summer). The correct support and elasticity is given by the water foam which is the core of the mattress and is 13 cm thick. W.F is a hydrogen derivative material, elastic, ecological and extremely durable.

It has a zippered cover that comes out and washable 3d diamond to ideally embrace the body and do a physiotherapy without affecting the feel of the fabric. It has an extra protective sock inside so that dust mites and hairs do not get inside the mattress.Net thickness (without cover): 22 cm
Final layer thickness: 24 cm
Hardness (summer) moderate to hard: 7/10
Hardness (winter) moderate to soft: 5.5 / 10

Warranty years: 7 years

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Double – 135 x 190cm, King – 150 x 200cm, Single – 90 x 190cm, Small Double – 120 x 190cm, Super King – 180 x 200cm, Twin XL – 200 x 90cm, Full XL – 190 x 140cm, Queen XL – 190 x 160cm

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