Foam mattress COMFORT (Foam coated with latex)

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Foam mattress. Choose any dimension you want by filling in the blanks with the desired dimensions. From 5-8 cm thick, it is a valuable auxiliary layer of strength with quilted lining, antibacterial & zipper. With a thickness of 12 cm and above you can make a high-quality mattress with a quilted lining and a zipper.
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Product details: Medium hardness
Warranty: 4 years up to 12 cm thickness 6 years up to 15 cm thickness 7 years from 16 cm thickness and above.
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Foam mattress COMFORT (foam coated with latex) An ideal mattress for indoor use. For uses such as the main bed or the drawer bed under the main one. Either in a bunk bed or in camps at the countryside, camping, or as an auxiliary mattress in your home. It is a very durable choice with elastic and natural feeling.

It consists of N400 soft foam and 2cm PU Latex coating on the upper surface where it offers a cool feeling of elasticity and 100% protection from mites.

COMFORT foam mattress (coated with latex foam) by AFROKOPTIKI is an anatomical mattress, of medium hardness but also of great elasticity. It contains durable foams (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100). The outer white cover is thermoregulatory and durable, for any environment. (The cover can be easily removed and washed). It has a zipper in shape (Γ) so that it can be easily removed and placed by a single person.

Useful details before ordering: In case you need special dimensions you can contact us by email or the contact number so that we can execute your order exactly according to your needs.

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