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Στρώματα Αφρού Μαξιλάρια Αφρολέξ Προιόντα Ύπνου Αφροκοπτική Θεσσαλονίκη
Στρώματα Αφρού Μαξιλάρια Αφρολέξ Προιόντα Ύπνου Αφροκοπτική Θεσσαλονίκη

Mattresses Pillows & Foam since 1965

No standard... everything we do is personalised

Welcome to AFROKOPTIKI’s online store. Our company has been active in the business of Foam Materials, mattresses, pillows, fabrics, covers, upholstery materials and tailormade orders, for more than 50 years. Our business is being recognized for its wide variety, value and convenience. Our products are available in the company’s retail and wholesale stores, online and through our call center. We have carefully selected our suppliers to offer the best products and services. Our customer service team is at your disposal to serve any order and question.

Sleeping mattresses

Three different Sleep Philosophies!
Many different Models!
Many special hugs!

Στρώματα Ύπνου

Foam Materials

We have specialized foam materials such as fire-retardant foam for special constructions, waterproof foam for outdoor use on sunbeds – boats, etc. Our company gives you the opportunity to line – cover the foam with a wide variety of textiles and materials, with many different types of sewing from our specialized laboratory.

Sleeping mattresses, Pillows, Fabrics and Foams


At Afrokoptiki you will find a wide range of sleeping pillows from many different materials and designs. Materials such as down cotton comforel, memory, latex and other innovative materials that will make your sleep unforgettable. At Afrokoptiki, in addition to the large range of sleeping pillows, we also manufacture decorative pillows with fabrics of your choice. Cushions for your sofa, cushions for business and home, pool cushions and cushions for outdoor areas.

πουφ πούφ pouf αφρολέξ Αφροκοπτική Θεσσαλονίκη


We manufacture puffs in many designs, such as beach cushions, bolster pouffes, pear pouffes, armchairs, stools. You can choose between many types of materials, such as leatherette, waterproof fabric through a wide range of colors.

Proud to Present our Projects

At AFROKOPTIKI we are proud of our Partnerships.

You can see Briefly some of our Projects in Catering businesses, in Houses and Hotels.


Choose the size, quality and quantity from the products that cover your needs


We manufacture, pack and ship the products you selected, no later than 5 days from the registration of your order!


Our products are delivered at your place, ready to serve your needs and offer you moments of pleasure!

Sleeping mattresses, Pillows, Fabrics and Foams

Smart technology for a better sleep

Each mattress uses high quality foam and support layers to provide pressure relief, spinal alignment and pain relief, where you need it most.

Amazing comfort and support

Each layer offers a different hug, a different feel and adaptation to the body. The cloud touch series will cover all the impersonal criteria for a proper, restful and comfortable sleep, without pressure and discomfort, combined with the best quality materials.

Wake up with more energy

Combining smart thread technology with ultra-high comfort and support layers, Afrokoptiki offers four mattress options clinically proven to offer you a better night sleep, so you can start your day fresh. Latex, memory, memory cool, water foam, cotton and wool are the materials from which all the layers of the cloud touch collection series are made.

Reasons to trust us

Αφροκοπτική Αφρολέξ Θεσσαλονίκη

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