The best solution for sleeping products!

Our sole purpose is to directly serve our customers with a key focus on creating high quality products and services!

The Structure of the Company

Our sales network is divided into two levels, retail, wholesale. All networks are backed by our highly capable team of partners and provide excellent customer service and 24/7 after-sales support, ensuring a long-term and lasting relationship between our company, our products and our customer base.

Our Products and Services

From our retail stores our customers can purchase high quality sleeping products either ready-made or custom-made. We also have probably the largest variety of foam foam products at the most competitive prices, since our company has a vertical foam processing and cutting unit and not only market the products. We undertake to cut down on the dimensions we are asked to do as well as we undertake to sew them with fabrics between a vast variety of fabrics and beyond.

The best solution for sleeping products!

Our Story

From 1965 our company with Founder George Mavromichalis Michaelides started trading foam products – foam and furniture. Since 1977 we have established one of the first foam production and processing plants in Greece distributing our products throughout Greece Europe and Cyprus. In 1985 we developed the Wholesaler and Retailer of Cushions and Wallpaper Fabric Sleepwear Products with a wide variety of fabrics and materials.

The administration

Most importantly, management invests time and energy in building and establishing new or existing customer relationships, thereby securing the future of the business through customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The best solution for sleeping products!
The best solution for sleeping products!

Our Values

The company is a family owned company and as a result, its management is done immediately and with practical approach at all times. Regular market research, meticulous planning and coordination and continuous communication allow a single team of experts with the ability to handle all of the highest performing sales networks.

Our products

Quality and Innovation

Over the years, we have significantly increased our product range to incorporate new and unique qualities that complement the existing range of foam – foam mattress products in combination with the extensive development of our know-how and the development of our services.

The best solution for sleeping products!
The best solution for sleeping products!

Showroom – Stores

Our central facilities has been based in the EGEOU 40 in Kalamaria since 1997 on one of the most central streets of Kalamaria where there is also the showroom of foam mattresses and fabrics. Iits our pleasure to serve you.

Our branch is located at 27 Ypsilantou Street, where our company is located.

In Lakkoma, Halkidiki, our company has its head cutter and pillow crafts.