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What is Foam

Foam or comfort foam is a product that is well connected to our daily lives. It is a product that has many different applications and many different properties.

In fact, many are unaware that it is polyurethane foam. Comfort Foam or Afrolex in greek is a widely used material. From the sofa or couch in the house until the mattress and the ironing board. From the cushions of the lounger in the Sea to the sleeping pillow. It is a completely human-friendly material and meets all the specifications needed for each application.

The cutting of the comfort foam (afrolex) is done with cutting machines (large vertical and horizontal ribbons) or with a pantograph (cnc router).

Foamy material of Greek production

The process of producing foam material

The comfort foam production process can be continuous (on a production line) or periodic (within frames). The framework within a framework, which has been known for 70 years, involves injecting ingredients into a box – a box, the walls of which open after the foam development process is complete.

This method differs due to mediocre quality and does not provide stable parameters. With the continuous method, the foam components are poured into the transport belt, where comfort foam is formed. This method provides the opportunity to make foam blocks with a maximum length of 60 meters with a homogeneous structure and quality.

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