Afrokoptiki since 1965

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The mattresses are handmade (made entirely by us) and produced in any dimension. They are upholstered in an aloe-vera quilted cover, as well as a cover of your choice.

Foam Materials

Afrolex for all needs and uses. Foam materials for mattresses, lounges, pillows, furniture, medical applications, insulation and packaging. Foam is priced per cubic meter, which means that we need the LENGTH, WIDTH and THICKNESS of the foam you want, so that they can be cut to these dimensions.

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Bebe Mattresses

We manufacture children’s mattresses with removable, anti-allergenic covers. The mattresses are made after thorough research and strict controls and meet all the necessary conditions for the safe sleep of your children. The children’s mattresses we manufacture are orthopedic and help your children’s skeleton to develop properly.


The toppers are used as a supplement and placed on top of the mattresses. Top layers improve the anatomical properties of the layers. They take the shape of your body, thus improving your sleep. A double layer can also be placed on top of two single layers, covering the gap between them and thus creating the feeling of a single layer. The mattresses we manufacture are made of latex, memory foam, water foam and are available in any size.

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At Afrokoptiki you will find a wide range of sleeping pillows from many different materials and designs. Materials such as down cotton comforel, memory, latex and other innovative materials that will make your sleep unforgettable. At Afrokoptiki, in addition to the large range of sleeping pillows, we also manufacture decorative pillows with fabrics of your choice. Cushions for your sofa, cushions for business and home, pool cushions and cushions for outdoor areas.


At Afrokoptiki we manufacture covers and drapes for any application. We undertake to manufacture covers for your sofa, armchair and bergere. We manufacture drapes  in many styles to suit the needs of the retail or professional customer.

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At Afrokoptiki we work with the biggest companies to achieve the best price and the widest variety of fabrics and leathers. Waterproof and stain-resistant outdoor fabrics, imperishable in humidity and sun, stain-resistant indoor fabrics. Velvet and suede. Quilted and linen fabrics. We have a wide variety of leather for upholstery for waterproof use, fire retardant with high specifications.


Afrokoptiki manufactures a wide range of bed bases and headboards. Upholstered beds with storage space, anatomical slats or planks. It has many options among many different designs and fabrics. At Afrokoptiki we also undertake special constructions of beds according to your own needs, designs and dimensions with 3d designs and constructions.


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Bedside Aids products

At Afrokoptiki we have a wide range of special designs for pillows and beside aids products such as hospital wedges. Elevation Pillows and Rebound Pillows. Special pillows for coccyx and neck problems.

Puffs & Outdoor Products

We manufacture poufs in many designs, such as beach cushions, bolster puffs,pear puffs, armchairs, stools. You can choose between many types of materials, such as leatherette, waterproof fabric through a wide range of colors.

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Physical Education & Psychomotor

A rich range of non-hazardous geometric shapes and colors, with which you can create many combinations and educational paths, helping children develop and cultivate their balance and orientation. Made of high density and quality foams where our company specializes. They are lined with fabrics and leatherettes of many colors or high-resistance antibacterial PVC. All covers are removable with a durable special zipper.