1. Place and time of delivery

Our company cooperates with the following transport companies:

  • XANTHI BROS (For Thessaloniki-Athens)
  • All transportation throughout Greece
  • ELTA, ACS, General Post Office

Orders concerning deliveries of products within the territories of the Greek State are accepted. Orders are processed within the working hours (9:00 am – 16:00 pm) except Saturday & Sunday, holiday and public holidays. The shipping times of each shipment are unilaterally determined by the affiliated Couriers and communicated to the customer. Delivery time depending on the product and place of delivery is approximately 7 business days.
It is understood that in the event of events of force majeure, such as indicative and non-limiting earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. the delivery time may be longer without the Company being liable for damages. In this case, the Company will inform the customer by any appropriate means.
There is an additional possibility to receive the order (upon request) from the stores available at the COMPANY: AEGEAN 40 KALAMARIA, HIGH 27 NEW SWITZERLAND

2. Delivery costs

The products and services delivered after the sale are sent to the address and consignee that the customer has stated when submitting his order, which has been accepted by the COMPANY. Shipping costs are borne by the COMPANY or CLIENT (Depending on the product and the volume that is cleared on each product separately).

3. Delivery method

The sold products are delivered to the place chosen by the customer prior to the completion of the order and the conclusion of the sales contract, according to the relevant delivery options provided on the Company’s web site. Delivery at the customer’s place of choice is carried out by the Courier Companies of the Company and is either in the hands of the customer himself or in a third party authorized by him. In case of authorization of a third party for the receipt, the customer must inform the COMPANY by email or by any other appropriate means, before sending the product, of receipt by a third authorized person, stating the details of the authorized person. This third party may not be the delivering carrier of the affiliated Courier Company. Upon receipt of the order, the customer will show the employee of the affiliated Courier Company the confirmation of the order and notice of shipment, as well as an official identification document (eg ID card, passport or diploma). In case of receipt by a third party authorized person, the authorized third party must also show to the employee of the cooperating Courier Company of the COMPANY the relevant authorization of the client for receipt of that order legally considered by KEP or police or other authority.
Upon delivery of the sold products to the customer or to his authorized representative, as above, the risk of loss, damage or destruction is transferred by the COMPANY to the customer / buyer. The customer must inspect the purchased products upon receipt and state in writing that they have been duly received. In case the customer does not receive the products, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw from the contract.

4. Retention of ownership

The ownership of the products sold and delivered remains with the COMPANY until the full and complete payment of their total price by the customer.